Timemore Chestnut C3 Hand Grinder


A manual espresso grinder at an excellent price point, the Timemore C3 Grinder is the perfect equipment for the home barista who’s starting to venture into the world of espresso. It’s a big step up from the C2 in terms of efficiency, thanks to several design improvements including the S2C (strike to cut) burrs.

The C3 also has dual ball bearings to hold the axle and burr in place, making grinding feel lighter and definitely faster. The S2C burr is a hexagonal burr that strikes the beans into smaller pieces before grinding them down to your desired size. This new design results in fewer fines for instantly better brewing results. And have we mentioned that this manual grinder looks gorgeous, too?

  • Espresso – 6 – 10 Clicks
  • Pour Over – 15 – 30 Clicks
  • French Press – 30 Clicks +

Timemore Chestnut C3 Hand Grinder Features

S2C burrs – Hexagonal burrs that cut fast and produce fewer fines.

Dual ball bearings – Holds the axle and burrs in place for efficient and easier grinding.

18g/second – The new burrs and bearings design lets you produce 18 grams of espresso grind in less than a minute.

Portable – At 474 grams, the C3 is lightweight and perfect for travel.

Aluminium dial – Previous iterations of the C3 have a plastic dial but this updated version has one made with aluminium, which is snappier and more durable.

Aluminium body – The full aluminium body has a textured design that looks and feels premium



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