Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Scales


The Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale Plus helps you achieve a balanced and consistent cup of coffee by precisely measuring your coffee beans, water volume and brew time. These stylish scales are well-designed, functional, accurate, and easy to use.

Some of our favourite features:

Precise measurement. With a weighing accuracy of 0.1g and a built-in timer, your coffee brewing will be accurate and consistent.

Responsive timer. We love that these scales feature a weight-triggered timer that starts to count automatically as you add water. The timer stops when you pick up the equipment, enabling you to control extraction time with ease.

Versatile. While compact, these scales are large enough to hold most brewing equipment. As they weigh up to 2kg, they can also be used as kitchen scales.

Lighting fast. Their super fast response speed makes them suitable for commercial and domestic environments.

Beautiful, considered design. These scales exude minimalistic simplicity. The sleek, smooth acrylic case is easy to keep clean, and the backlit LED display is only visible when the scales are turned on. The heat pad (included) ensures that high temperatures don’t affect the weight accuracy.

Water resistant. A single forged top shell helps protect the scales from liquid or water damage. The matte surface prevents fingerprint marks.

Rechargeable. The built-in Lithium-ion battery can be charged with a USB-C cable (included). A single charge can last up to 24 hours of power-on time.

Power saving. In addition to a master on/off button, the scales will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of timer inactivity/3 minutes of total inactivity.



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