Imagine being surrounded by free flowing wonderful wine, a variety of yummy food and to top it off, quality barista made coffee – it’s a hedonist’s dream! Blacklist Coffee Roasters was a part of this experience at the recent Good Food and Wine Show. Serving specialty coffee to the inebriated people of Perth over the weekend of 10th to 12th July, there was a recorded attendance of over 27000 visitors at the show.


The cheeky baristas at our Blacklist stand offered a choice of milk coffees made with our Etude blend, two single origins for black coffees, a natural Mexican and honey processed Panama, as well as a crowd favourite, filter batch brew Burundi made with a Moccamaster. One of the fun highlights for the team at the show was when the wine, whiskey, cider and beer stands needed a caffeine fix and paid in products, and the team ended up very well hydrated for three days.


*Blacklist Coffee Roasters believes in responsible service or alcohol and coffee and does not recommend drinking excessive amounts of anythng for three days straight


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