What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Our New Cold Brew.

As the heat of Summer approaches, we all still need something to appease our coffee addictions. Luckily, we have the solution.

Our cold brew is back, tasting and looking even better in new gorgeous bottles.

We’ve conducted trial brews with several different coffees and have finally chosen the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Autumn, a natural processed high-end coffee with distinct tropical fruit notes.

Using the total immersion method, we brew this sweet and fragrant coffee in small batches to ensure you get the absolute best quality. We’ve been able to achieve a certain clarity and fruitiness that is often lacking in cold brews. The tropical fruit flavor profile is smooth, refreshing and an all round great drink for all occasions.

You can take this delectable Summer brew anywhere you go, whether it’s the beach or to your office desk. Our cold brew is a brilliant way to fuel your day.

Now available at Blacklist Coffee Roasters (41 Welshpool Road, Welshpool), Sprolo (138 Canning Highway, South Perth), Little Matcha Girl (4/10 Preston Street, Como) and The Toastery (439 Hay Street, Subiaco).

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