November 2015

Our Approach to Roasting

It is typical of many coffee roasters in Australia to make a distinction between (i) “Espresso” and (ii) “Filter” roast styles. The distinction usually corresponds to, on the one hand (i) a slightly darker, more soluble, and less acidic roast style to be used for coffees prepared with an Espresso …

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The Golden Bean 2015

This year, Newcastle played host to the Golden Bean Awards 2015. This year saw the competition enter its 10th year and it has now become one of the premier industry awards. The competition draws more than 1200 entries from the top coffee roasters in Australia. This event gives coffee roasters …

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Blacklist Coffee School

Too many people underestimate the importance of quality barista training. When you think about it, there is a lot that goes into a great cup of coffee. It starts at origin, where farmers have to grow and cultivate their coffee trees. They hand pick each coffee fruit and process the …

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