By Cassie Suhartono

Nestled on the northern coast in the suburb of Butler lives a café fit for 3 hungry bears; the coffee aficionado, the gastronome turned gourmand and the serial grazer. 10/2 Captiva Approach is where My Hungry Bear Café is found.

Home of Blacklist specialty coffee; the aroma of the award winning Forte milk blend fills the air whilst rotating single origins in long blacks and espressos are always sure to surprise the palate. And so, through their passionate coffee making, let our baristas give you a hug the best way they know how! Mentored by world class Rie Moustakas, consistency and pawfection is found in every brew, and is always just right.

Breakfast is always served toasty and as close to comfort as can be. With ever evolving Asian, Australian and English cuisine, the bright eyed and talented chef still masters the art of classic breakfast delicacies. For starters, the Big Bear Breakfast is not for the faint hearted and always recommended for the seriously famished. The lunch menu boasts variety of all cultures and means there’s never a boring moment at the Hungry Bear house. Decadent desserts like Wendy’s home made melting mudcake mayhem are perfect for the cooler season but for those coming out of hibernation and ready for summer; health conscious grazers can satisfy their sweet tooth with raw treats and energy balls, and freshly squeezed juices are always on paw.

Hungry Bear prides itself on its natural landscape aesthetic with intricate oak detailing, plantation and warm lights mimicking the trees and forests which bears find shelter in and is perfect for those early morning dwellers or afternoon relaxes all the same. Let My Hungry Bear be your café and the home away from home that you’ve finally found.